6 Mindset Changes to Empower Yourself

photo by Austin MacKay

photo by Austin MacKay

Empowerment comes through responsibility.

When was the last time you felt truly empowered?

You felt like every choice you made, you really owned. Everything you did was in honour of something much larger than yourself. You had passion, and you had purpose. You felt accomplished after each day, and you couldn’t wait for the next day to begin. Presence was a natural state, not something you were seeking.

This feeling of empowerment can be fleeting. It can come and go. It can last for a while, or a second. Some may never experience it at all.

I know for myself that I will go periods of time where I feel so passive – as if I’m waiting for the world to offer me something.

But this is not how we can achieve this desired state of empowerment. We need to practice building the skills that are required for that state to function optimally.

Here’s a few of my personal methods for building empowerment.

1. There Are No Bad Intentions

Right off that bat, you need to believe this to your core. I believe that myself, and nobody around me is inherently a terrible person out to attack me. I can’t take anything personally.

Believing deeply that I am a good, kindhearted and compassionate person helps me move onto the next step. Otherwise, I am constantly basing my actions based on the negative perception of others.

2. Own Your Faults

Cliché, I get it. But this is what real responsibility is. Taking ownership of your mistakes means that you have the power to make a difference. Blaming others or pointing the finger to some other external circumstance temporarily makes the ego feel safe. But this does not allow room for any personal growth whatsoever. There is no empowerment when you don’t own your behaviours, and their consequences.

3. Focus On Your Locus of Control

Forget trying to control anything that isn’t your own behaviour, action, attitude, or effort. Being responsible for these traits is all you can do.

Behavior, attitude, effort, perception. These are in your control. Having a positive attitude, doing your absolute best, never taking anything personally, and trying to disrupt your comfort levels everyday will lead to amazing change, and feelings of empowerment.

If you try to control others, or change events that already happened, you will go insane.

4. Don’t Treat, Create

Think about how you can create more positive moments and actions. Understand how this aligns with your greater goal. I find the use of more positive words really helps be stay consistent.

For example, when I believe I need to treat something, I tend to think that I am trying to correct something undesirable. Whereas if I create, I get to focus on making positive choices within my current means, and being happy with this choice. Maybe it’s semantics, but the thoughts we feed are the ones that grow.

5. Figure Out What Makes You Tick

Being empowered comes from doing the things that make you feel powerful – not in an egotistical or maniacal way. This is just one of those things that I feel weird saying. It makes sense, but sometimes common sense does not mean common practice.

How much of your time is spent doing the things that make you feel awesome? If you answered, “Not much!” then how can you expect to feel empowered? Do more of the things that make you feel good!

6. Make More Meaningful, Conscious Choices

Is the choice you’re about to make in serve of something that you hope to achieve? And are you fully present and aware of it’s effects on you and those around you?

This is what it means to make a meaningful conscious choice.

The opposite is doing something haphazardly, without aim, and governed by emotion. Reacting to events and taking things personally is an example that comes to mind for myself.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you found it helpful or at least thought-provoking. If this post did help you, consider sharing it with someone you think it would help too.

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