Netflix or Netflex? 4 Daily Movements You Can Do While You Watch Your Favourite Show

Net-Flex anyone?

Sometimes these rainy days just call for lazy day inside. But you can still make the most of some of that time spent binge-watching some summer shows on Netflix, by incorporating some flexibility work!

These 4 mobility and flexibility drills can be done with no equipment beyond a comfortable spot on the floor

1. Cat Camel

- Set up on all 4s - hips stacked over knees, and shoulders over wrists
- Use an inhale to tuck your chin and arch your back, letting your tailbone tuck under, and eyes gazing towards your thighs
- Use an exhale to let your belly drop to the ground, tailbone points to the sky, shoulder blades pull down and back, and gaze comes forward (not cranking to look at the ceiling!)
- Try to emphasize all areas of your spine moving
- Repeat moving with your breath at a comfortable pace, 10-15 times

2. Quadruped Hip Circles

- Set up on all 4s - hips stacked over knees, and shoulders over wrists
- Brace core, and imagine a glass of water balanced over your low back and between your shoulder blades
- Keep the knee of the moving flexed at 90 degrees, and begin to draw a circle with the knee

-> moving leg knee comes towards same side elbow

-> open knee up to the side

-> once it's as high as it can pivot the heel up towards the ceiling as the knee stars to come behind you

-> finish the circle as the knee comes down and back to start position

- Repeat 3x, focusing on slow and controlled movements, isolating the hip joint
- Reverse the circle 3x
- Repeat on the other side

3. Kneeling Ankle Mobility

- Start in a half kneeling position: bottom of a lunge
- Toes of the front planted foot should be 1-4" from the wall, coffee table, or couch
- Front ankle will be the working one
- Lean into the front leg, letting the knee drive forward over the toes, while keeping the heel down
- Rock back out to start position
- Repeat 5x
- Then in the same position, keeping the toes all pointing straight ahead, let the knee come forward over the pinky toe side of the foot x 5
- Lastly, aim the knee coming forward over the big toe side of the foot x 5
- Total of 15 reps
- Repeat on the other side

*If you feel pinching in the front of the ankle, back off the range

*The goal is to feel stretching more in the back of the calf and ankle

4. Floor Angel

- Lie on your back, knees bent, feet flat.
- Arms are out in a goalpost or cactus shape, so shoulder and elbows are bent 90deg, and palms are approximately in line with your ears
- Take a deep breath into your belly, sides, and low back
- On a slow exhale let the ribs come down to your bellybutton and low back presses into ground, so you can slide your arms up overhead (like making a snow angel)
- Inhale to bring the arms back to start position
- Repeat 10x

For each, make sure you go nice and slow, respecting how the joint feels and avoiding any pinching feelings (that's when you could see an athletic therapist to figure out what that annoying feeling is though!)

5-10 repetitions of each can make a big difference in not only how your body feels at that time, but also help teach you what a good or not-so-good day feels like. So if you notice one day that you aren't moving as smoothly or as far in the exercises, it can give you a clue as to what you could focus on in the gym that day, and things to be cautious with (yard work, housework, or sports), or where you could spend some time with your foam roller!

Enjoy these movements, and let us know what you think!

Megan is a Certified Athletic Therapist working in private practice and with sports teams for over 5 years. She’s currently working towards a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Science, while continuing to pursue learning opportunities through attending continuing education and professional development courses in North America. Along with the passion for learning, Megan is an avid yogi, loves deadlifting, boybands, and pumpkin spice lattes.

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