The Spirit of Motivation: How to Look Inwards to Take Action

There are many ways to find personal motivation in one’s life, and to each of us these will be unique - just like us.

If we allow ourselves to harness the tools of mindfulness, meditation, and my favourite, heartfulness, then we can begin to supplement our actions and capabilities in a meaningful way.

As we become increasingly mindful of the moments in life that inspire us, we fan the flames of creation. This allow us to see an opportunity for greater change within ourselves and the world.

We give ourselves the knowledge of what fuels our own fire. 

If the beauty and resonance of nature is what brings you to a place of stillness and peace - a reflection and reminder of the connection to life - and that makes you want to create some form of change, then be in that space. Bathe in its energy and harness it. 

If watching to motivational videos from spiritual figures, motivational speakers, or masters of a particular art or practice makes you want to get up and cultivate something new, or to continue on with an intention that you have already set, then take that energy and create transformation with it.

The point is these moments of life that trigger something within you in the most positive way are really just reminders of the potential that we have to make a positive change. 

The inspiration itself, the feeling of truth that we feel already exists within us. We just have to remember it is there. Sometimes due to the circumstances of life (the stresses, distractions and blockages), we need to continue to focus on those things within our life and world that are stimulating that will to change, grow and develop.

Likewise, we must begin to also be mindful of the media, people, places and other interactions within our life that drain this energy and sap our will. It is within these areas of life - and again, the type and amount will be unique to each of us - that we must place our awareness to either remove these obstacles if possible, or do our best to overcome them.

Become aware of the media that you consume on a regular basis, television, social media, the news cycle:

Are these things feeding your own truth or are they creating an unhealthy image and perspective of both yourself and the world around you?

Are the people you spend time with a positive influence for change and self-development or do they try and hold you down and prevent you from succeeding?

By becoming mindful of the energy and situations around us we can begin to become aware of how we react and respond in those given spaces, we begin to become aware of our own space.

As the insight from our mindfulness of daily living is observed we can begin to meditate on what is being witnessed. We can cultivate personal wisdom for further change and growth.

Noticing the outer circumstances and our inner response or reaction to them (our body, thoughts and emotions), we can then begin to breathe and be one with both the empowering moments and their corresponding feelings.

Along with this we can become more aware of the draining or frustrating moments and their related emotional responses within our body.By stopping what we are doing and just breathing in and out, flowing with our own breath and feeling our bodies as we do so we begin to create a bit of space. 

Within this space we can cultivate some insight into the situation and feeling at hand. By staying with our body sensations and our breathe we feel the truth that is occurring within ourselves. We breathe and feel the sensation of temptation, resistance or doubt. As we do so we notice how stories of the past that we either were told or were told to us are beginning to be repeated again and again within our thought patterns and habits. 

We then have the opportunity to make a conscious choice rather than an unconscious habitual one, and in that moment if you can remember your motivation, your feelings and inspiration of positivity than we can begin to transform those moments of doubt and perceived lack of will into areas of new found potential.

The strongest and most powerful teacher and aid in life is loving kindness, and heartfulness. This is the capacity to meet the moment - no matter the circumstance - with a sense of love and appreciation. This is of utmost importance as we begin to cultivate new habits, new beliefs and create change within ourselves and the world around us.

The opportunity to hold space for ourselves and for others in a way that is not judgmental, not overly critical, and not lacking compassion, can help us to remember that we are all moving through this world together. We all make mistakes, we all have our own hurdles or hardships, and we all have an opportunity to learn and grow from each perceived mistake or slip up.

Remembering those positive moments, affirmations and inspirations are the true reminders of the love and potential that already exists within us. Giving ourselves space to breathe and feel is an act of love and support to our own wellbeing. Repeating to yourself and “I am _______,” affirmation with power and intention creates actual change within the brain and chemistry of the body. 

Allowing yourself to create a physical space within your home that is sacred and empowering to you, a space that lets the heart be open and true will allow you to begin to take this openness out into those situations in which distraction and temptation lie. 

Allow there to be space to learn and grow within. The opportunity of this self-development exists in any moment. Remember your accomplishments, remember the accomplishments and success of those around you, and your glass will be twice as full.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you found it helpful or at least thought-provoking. If this post did help you, consider sharing it with someone you think it would help too.